Highstreet World’s in-game economy is fueled by two primary currencies, HIGH and STREET

While HIGH has a fixed supply of 100 million tokens, STREET is inflationary and will increase in supply when player count grows. Both HIGH and STREET will be listed on exchanges and can be exchanged for either crypto or fiat. This means players can make a living just by playing the game.

Highstreet World is where the real and digital worlds collide, and the in-game currencies earned by playing can buy digital and physical assets.

A Tale of Two Tokens

Acquiring HIGH allows you to buy products on our limited edition marketplace while also earning transactions fee when your HIGH is staked into the pool. HIGH is also used for real estate purchases in Highstreet World. As owners of properties in Highstreet, taxes collected from your residences will also pay out to you in HIGH. Getting HIGH also means getting to participate in governance.

As Highstreet World matures, residences will first get to decide on island matters, for example when we allow user generated content into the game, residences can vote on what will be included from the island. Since HIGH is required for crucial game components like real estate ownership, players will often find themselves either swapping STREET Creds for HIGH, or outright buying HIGH directly from exchanges.

HIGH available on

Street Creds, or STREET, is the main utility token of Highstreet World. This is an inflationary currency that can be earned by completing various actions in the game. Monster hunting, Quest completions will all earn you Street Creds. Players new to the game will start out with tutorials and Guiding Quests that when completed, will come with enough Street Creds to get them to the main continent of Solera.

There, Street Cred will be the primary currency used to facilitate commerce; buying from NPC FOMO Ducks representing brands, buying from Peer-to-Peer Player based trades, fixing up your hover board, all will use Street Creds. There will also be plenty of in-game entertainment that uses Street Creds, whether players are bidding for their favorite song to come up next in Highstreet Clubs, or gambling at our Casino based islands, there are no shortage of ways to spend Street Creds.


STREET available soon