Reimagining Retail in the Metaverse
A place where brands can seamlessly establish a presence in a virtual world
For players, every in-game item and storefront encountered is a real product by a real brand. With direct integration to existing e-commerce systems, players buy phygital products to use in the metaverse and in real life.

About Highstreet

Highstreet is created from LumiereVR, a computer vision based VR retail company established in 2015. The team has built a commerce based metaverse over the years by piecing together components built by various household names from brands like Hershey’s Chocolate to Victoria Secrets, bigger groups like L’Oreal to Madison Square Garden as well.

We’ve got a great list of investors including HTC, Palmdrive Capital, Cherubic Ventures from the traditional side, Mechanism, Jump Trading, and NGC from crypto. Our most recent investment round is led by a combination of top tier brands and exchanges, allowing us to build interoperability between games natively in our metaverse.

As the real and virtual worlds collide, Highstreet will be at that intersection welcoming everyone as residents of our Metaverse and shoppers of our Phygital Marketplace.


Game Plan

Our mission is to bridge the physical and digital worlds, while redefining the ways financial products are utilized, consumed, and sold. Highstreet’s users can explore a multifaceted, interactive metaverse — all through the Highstreet interface. You’ll be able to own and expand your virtual reality estates, buy tokenized products, and be part of a vibrant community.