Welcome to The World of Ducks, home to the continent of Solera and an ever expanding archipelago of mysterious islands.
For brands, it turns existing products into game assets. For players, a unique experience that takes in-game shopping into the physical world.
The Story
The World of Ducks is a dimension separate from our own. For the past one hundred years a group of Humans and Ducks had worked together in secrecy hoping to create a sustainable portal connecting two worlds. Today thanks to the research of Dr. Serpentine and the Highstreet Labs team, a new era of inter-dimensional travel has begun.
Have you ever felt out of a place, do you sometimes feel a yearning for to do more with your life. If you think you’re ready for an adventure, we invite you to enlist and join the ranks of Explorers and begin your life again.
Through the portal you will find a culture vastly diverse but bizarrely similar to our own in many ways. You will find monsters, some are frightening, others may be even cuddly. Most of all you will find opportunities, job, somewhere you truly belong.

About Highstreet

Highstreet is a commerce-centered metaverse integrating shopping with gaming. While products from brands bring an endless supply of cosmetics bridging character customizations with real world fashion, an MMORPG backbone further adds utility to them allowing players to craft unique NFTs to either profit or elevate their gameplay.

As Highstreet’s phygital products continue to gain traction both online through E-commerce storefronts like Shopify and offline through various department stores around the world, Highstreet’s Metaverse grows steadily through land sales to brand partners; accumulating new stories to be shared and discovered by players around the world.

Investments in Highstreet is lead by Binance Labs and Animoca Brands with participation from both crypto and traditional investors including HTC, Palmdrive Capital, Jump Trading, Mechanism Capital, and many more.

Join our Community

Highstreet is a place for friendship, adventure, and fun. Meet explorers from all over the world and play together!