Collectibles / Limited Edition
Limited Edition Collectibles
Phygital Drops on Highstreet are tokenized products sold on the StreetSmart™ Bonding Curve and have 3 components.
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The first component you buy is the product token. You can sell this token back to the market at any time until the expiration date. To get the physical item and NFT to use in-game, you must burn this token by redeeming from your inventory. 🔥

By redeeming and removing the product token from the pool, the total supply of the token decreases. 👀


The product token acts like a voucher to the physical product. To get the physical item shipped to your door, redeem from your inventory and confirm your shipping address.

All products on Highstreet ship for free! 🎉

Please note that once you redeem, you can not sell the product token back to the market and all physical items are non-returnable. 🚨


When you redeem and burn the product token, you receive a freshly minted NFT imbued with metaverse utility that can be used in Highstreet World. 🌐

From your inventory, you will be able to use your NFT as an in-game item like styling your avatar or decorating your Highstreet Home. 🏠

The only exception is our very own FOMO’s Secret $PANTY token. Since there is no redeem expiration date, both product token and redeemed NFT can be used in-game.

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