Highstreet is a marketplace on web and VR with limited edition phygital products sold on the StreetSmartTM Bonding Curve.
Each product has 3 components:
  • Metaverse
  • Physical
  • Digital
Please read below to learn more about how to use the marketplace.
How do I buy a product?
At Highstreet, you can buy a brand's product token using HIGH or ETH (more currencies coming soon). Connect your Metamask wallet and select your payment method.
On the checkout page you will see the estimated cost including a 4% marketplace fee for buying. You can set your slippage percentage (the max bid you are willing to pay), and see an estimated ETH gas fee.
To process the payment Metamask will prompt you to approve the token expenditure (small gas fee), then confirm the purchase (gas fee). Once the transaction clears, your product token is in your inventory.
By holding the product token, you will find the same item in our metaverse - Highstreet World
Each product token entitles you to the physical item. To get the physical item shipped to your door, you must redeem your inventory after buying. If you choose not to redeem, you can hold or sell this product token back at any time to the market at the current dynamic price.
Depending on the product, there may be a limited time to sell or redeem.
What is a product token?
Every drop on the market is a unique ERC-20 product token labeled with a $ ticker on the product page (ex. $PANTY). This product token can be bought and sold on our marketplace and acts as a voucher to the physical product that you can redeem. In the metaverse, you will see your product token as an in-game item in Highstreet World.
How do I redeem a product?
Select the product token and click redeem from your inventory. Enter your shipping information, and update. Metamask will prompt you to confirm the ETH gas fee.
Please Note: This process is irreversible and your product token will be burned and removed from the shelf.
The physical product will come directly from the brand and is guaranteed authentic.
What happens when I redeem a product?
Once you confirm shipment of your physical item, your ERC-20 product token will be burned and a new ERC-721 NFT will be minted for you with a unique identifier code (Ex. PANTY #1)
This new NFT will be viewable in your inventory on our website and on OpenSea.
Your metaverse item in Highstreet World will also have new special utilities imbued in the product.
How do I sell a product?
Select the product token from your inventory and click sell. See the current estimated value you will receive by selling the product token back to the market.
This includes a 2% marketplace fee for selling. Metamask will prompt you to confirm the trasnaction wtih an ETH gas fee.
What is the StreetSmartTM Bonding Curve?
At Highstreet you never have to wait for buyers and sellers. Our StreetSmartTM Bonding Curve enables our marketplace to directly buy and sell product tokens at a dynamic fair market value 24/7.
The bonding curve is a price discovery mechanism that calculates the price of a product depending on the amount of products circulating in the market.
When someone redeems and burns a product token, the floor price moves higher. However, the current dynamic value stays the same.
Marketplace Transaction Fees
Approve ETH spend (One Time)ETH Gas--
Confirm the transactionETH GasETH GasETH Gas
Marketplace fees include the percentage of each transaction that goes to the brand.
Estimated ETH gas fees will be shown for each transaciton.
Shipping and Delivery
Where do you ship?
Shipping is free for all redeemed orders. Brands will attempt to ship anywhere in the world, directly to you. Depending on the brand and product, limitations will be noted on the checkout page.
Please Note: For international shipments, any duties and taxes will be the responsibility of customers. The country of origin will be indicated on the checkout page.
When will I receive my product?
On the checkout page, there will be an estimated delivery time based on the product. You will receive a tracking number via email once your order is shipped.
What if my item is lost or damaged?
Every product has a reserve insurance pool. If your item is lost or damaged in transit, please contact us for a replacement to be shipped or refund of the value at time of your redeem based on our records.
Can I return my product?
All physical products redeemed on the market are non-returnable.
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